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Features in Notes Online

The most important features in Notes Online are listed below




  • Write and draw using  the pen
  • Change the color and  line width
  • You can change the size, rotate and move what you have drawn

  • Works just like the pen
  • Is transparent

Straight Line


  • Draw a straight line which can be changed in length
  • Select the ”Ortho on” button to draw perpendicular lines only

  • Measure using the ruler
  • If you are unsure of the scale, you can set it yourself by selecting “Set scale”
  • The ruler tool can also be used to indicate what a distance should be by selecting”Change value”. Note that the numerical value will be underlined.

Area tool
  • Create an area by selecting it free hand
  • Select ”Ruler on” to create an area using straight lines.
  • If in addition you want to work with perpendicular areas, select”Ortho on”.
  • Note that you can use all of the above in the same area

  • Add text using the keyboard. Position, change size and color.
  • Double click on the text to edit it.



  • Position the camera symbol, rotating it to indicate the direction. Double click on the symbol or select “Start camera” to link the picture to the symbol. A thumbnail of the picture is shown when you select the symbol.
  • The camera symbols are numbered and indexed to indicate which pictures were taken where.


General features

  • You can use the symbols of your choice
  • A formula can be linked to a symbol


  • Notes Online uses the PDF file format
  • Files can be imported via the Notes-Online web page, Dropbox or from email attachments. Select the file momentarily and Notes-Online will appear as the app you can open the file in.
  • Use drag and drop to upload complete folder structures.

Open a file

  • Files that were uploaded via the Notes-Online webpage are found under “Open file”.
    Click”Synchronize” to download the files to your device.
  • Under ”Open file” there are also functions to scan a ”QR code” and take a “Photo”.


  • When you are done you can either export to the Notes Online server, to Dropbox or send as an email attachment.

Work with a photograph

  • Under ”Open File” select ”Photo” and take a photo. Then press “Use”. The photo is loaded into the app.
    Now you can use all the tools on and add notes to your photo.Position a photo symbol on the photo to link to close up views.


Show symbols
  • Set whether "Delete"/"Lock" symbols are visible.

Show Camera thumbnail

  • When you take a picture with the camera symbol a preview of the picture is usually displayed.
    You can determine whether you want this to be visible or not.

Double click to zoom in

  • Normally you use 2 fingers to zoom in.  This setting allows you to also use double click to zoom in

Fill screen when zoomed out

  • By default a drawing or picture fills the whole screen and you are not able to pan or zoom outside the drawing area.  Deactivating this setting makes navigation more flexible.


  • Swedish
  • English
  • German
Delete files from ”Temporary files”
  • When you take a picture or upload a drawing from Mail, it is saved in the Temporary Files folder. You can choose here if you want to empty this folder.
Finger to point distance
  • When you chose ”Linear on” when drawing lines, you can set the distance between your finger and the line so you can more easily see where you place the end points of the line.

  • Use this setting to link Notes Online to your Dropbox account.

Non uploaded pictures
  • If you take many pictures and chose not to upload them due to a poor internet connection you can use this setting to upload all the photos at once.

What is Notes Online?

Use Notes Online to mark changes in or add notes to drawings or pictures you take with your iPad/iPhone. You can also add symbols which can be linked to various questionnaires used for example when doing an inventory/appraisal. When you are done, you can share your work with your colleagues or send it to us for processing.

Download Notes Online from the App Store!

You can download a fully functional 30 day trial version of Notes Online. After 30 days the ability to export will be disabled. If you want to continue to use the export capability of Notes Online, contact us for more info.

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